Monday, May 23, 2011

A few cafe sketches

I was having a drawing block for a while, so I decided to have a cup of coffee. While there, I was with my friend Josh (by the way, you can see his art here: and sketched some unsuspecting victims. On-the-spot drawings like this help to loosen up the mind a bit.

I recommend anyone to do this as a way to force yourself to draw what is in front of you rather than constantly scraping a taxed creative cache that sometimes needs a bit of replenishment. Besides, these are great exercises regardless.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

It's Daze Blazer and his dog, Reddy

Daze Blazer is a supposed superhero in space who everyone admires, however, they don't know even half the story! Daze spends his time getting stoned all day while his super-smart dog, Reddy, does all the work for him and pretty much single-handedly captures all the villains, yet, somehow makes sure Daze gets all the credit.

Yeah, the premise is like Inspector Gadget in that regard, but, come on! Things like this happen all the time with heroes, or at least what we think as heroes!

Thanks to the Animation Academy!